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Text Flirting Tips by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge

There is never a better place to learn about text flirting tips aside from Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. These two guys are without a doubt the master of the dating and the master in the art of texting women. How is that possible? Well, Bobby Rio is actually the founder of TSB magazine. The magazine is made for men and is all about dating and lifestyle. Bobby Rio and his partner, Rob Judge, have also written a book called “Magnetic Messaging” that provides advice to guys on how to text girls with the right words and at the right circumstances to attract women and be successful in your dating life. (You can read our Magnetic Messaging Review). According to them, guys will only need three texts and nothing more to get women to want them.

The Master of  Texting

Magnetic Messaging Flirting TipsTo master the art of texting, text flirting tips definitely serve as an important part to understand what to do when you are texting a woman. So, what are some of the things guys can do to get girls just through texting? The first tip in texting is to do it through an emotional approach and show your personality that will make her be interested in you. Send her an emotional text that shows how different and fun you are and makes her wonder about the fun she will get when she goes out with you. The second tip is involving making her imagine a future with you. You have to bring her to think about some of the possible ideas as to where the two of you will be in the future. The third and the last tip is to send her a message that will get her to imagine what it would be like if she sleeps with you. Plant the idea in her head so that she will feel the desperate want to be with you and to see you right away.

Usually, other text flirting tips will say that you need to continuously text a girl. Ask her about her daily life and etcetera. Well, based on Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, those things are not necessary anymore. All you need is just three simple texts and those are it. You do not need to send her a handful amount of texts to get her interested in you. This is why their tips are a breakthrough in the dating world.

However, in using these approaches, make sure you are extra careful in finding the right circumstances. Do not let the scenarios fail your approach. Know when to text and what to text to get the maximum and the right results. So, remember, all you need are just three texts to get a girl to desperately want you. It is all about showing your personality, creating an emotional bond and making her imagine being with you. It is so simple yet it is highly effective. Do not let Bobby Rio and Rob Judge’s text flirting tips go to waste without giving you any great results in your dating life.

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